FOLLOWING his phenomenal stint on America’s Got Talent, Tape Face brought his bag of weird and wonderful wonders and his striped shirt to The Lowry last night.

New Zealand born Sam Wills may not be a household name too many, but the moment you mention Tape Face, people know exactly who you’re talking about. Coming straight off the stage at America’s Got Talent, Tape Face brought his laugh-out loud funny show over the pound to us Brits.

The theatre, turned into a shabby backstage dressing room, was the setting for the countdown to the main event, showing us how Tape Face would normally prep for a show.

Backstage announcements countdown to the beginning of the show till Tape Face exits the stage as if to go commence the show we have just watched.

Some of the skits shown on stage have been recycled before and been performed by many comedian’s, such as The Full Monty routine, where a member of the audience is asked to strip down, to in our case their everyday clothes, from what we can say to be ‘worker’s clothes’.

However, this did not take away from the comedy behind it and the shock in the poor guys face as Tape Face exited the stage, leaving him stood alone under a single spotlight.

It was clear that the audience favoured the skits when Wills broke the fourth wall and picked out members of the crowd, the show was not short of these, some audience members also whispering to themselves and people around them that ‘no one was safe’.

The fear on every face in the audience was comedy in itself.

Tape Face’s use of everyday objects was like something you have never seen before. Who would’ve thought you could use a toilet seat and toilet paper to re-enact horse races – Tape Face of course.

Although his mouth was taped over, Wills expression through his eyes and body language was extraordinary in that he could reach the person at the back of the theatre with his thoughts.

With loud laughs and even sneezes coming from the audience, Wills incorporated this into his routine, reacting to them in a more explicit way than many comedians.

This show was anything but silent.

Music is constant from the moment you step into the theatre till the end with renditions of The Jackson 5 performed by 3, somewhat unwilling, audience members to Tape Face spoofing his own reputation by using a pair of pigs to play ‘Duelling Banjos’.

You also will be speechless at the end of show and Wills’ weird and wonderful brain will leave you wanting more.

Even though there is an element sexuality to it, this is easily brushed by with the rest of the brilliance that is performed on stage.

Tape Face may not say anything but his eyes say it all.

By Molly Jacobsen



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