Last Sunday at the Lowry, the Britain’s Got Talent 2015 runner up Jamie Raven proved his past critics wrong and shocked the capacity audience into believing that magic could exist. Quays News entertainment reporter Rae Coppola went along to catch his show.

Coming second to a three legged dog and losing out on the prize fund would be demoralising for some, but Jamie Raven remained positive and continued to work on his magic act.

During the eighteen months since, he has performed in London West End box office record breaking hit, The illusionists, and has recently signed a deal with Sky…£45 for the sport and film package.

The likable character remained light-hearted and humorous throughout the show, even throwing in a few innuendos to keep the adults in the room occupied.

This personable demeanour, along with his monetary and DVD giving generosity, really added that special something to the show and made him stand out from the other, more serious magicians that the audience may have seen prior.

He advocates audience participation, giving almost all of the front row the opportunity to climb onto the stage, as well as some children who were ecstatic at the thought.

At one point, he asked an Apple iPhone owner onto the stage and used Siri to narrate what was happening. This offered a unique take on an otherwise average trick, whereby the device was smashed and then miraculously transported across the stage.

By incorporating original ideas such as the latter into his show, he ensured that the content was relevant for the modern age.

He was obviously hoping to encourage the budding magicians in the room, and so, like the Masked Magician, he talked the confused audience through one of his tricks which involved a silk square.

However, since a magician never reveals his secrets, he ended his instructions with an even more shocking trick.

The family show left both the younger and older members of the audience feeling baffled. However, not everything was mind blowing, with one trick merely relying on the audience to stay silent as a crew member crept up behind Raven to pass along something to surprise his unknowing volunteer with.

It was obviously for her benefit, and the crowd could not help but feel warmed at the thoughtfulness of the magician.

Raven used the second half of the show, to centre on the accusations the media reported during his time on BGT. He addressed the sceptics head on by repeating the controversial ‘money inside a lemon’ trick on a sealed orange.

This time, the camera zoomed in and a live video was shown on the big screen, to demonstrate that his execution was not flawed.

Once the refreshing show had finished, he made a swift exit, making sure to remember his trademark high fives as he left.

However, Jamie Raven has not forgot his roots and seemed genuinely thankful for the audience, whom he made sure to interact with his fans in the foyer outside the room, offering photos and autographs.

You can never believe everything that you see, but you can believe that Britain’s Got Talent gave him the break he deserved and is allowing him to enrich the lives of others trying to make magic in a dubious world.

By Rae Coppola

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