An American bull terrier has attacked four people – three of them children  – in Moston, Manchester.

The victims aged 12,14, 17 and one adult  sustained, “serious but not life-threatening” injuries at the hands of their terrier (a close relative of the banned Pitbull breed) which has since been seized by police.

The attack, which happened on Bluestone Road, comes just over a month after four-month-old Archie Joe Darby was killed by the family’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Colchester, Essex.

Dog Attack Culprit
American Bulldog

That sparked calls for the list of controlled breeds to be extended.

Politician and councillor for Ashbourne Municipal District in Ireland, Alan Tobin caused controversy earlier this year by making signs of “10 dangerous dogs” and instructions for how their owners must handle them. The signs suggest that owners of common breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Dobermans and German Shepards all have to be muzzled and be under the control of a person over 16 years of age.

Tobin said on Facebook: “It still amazes me that some people think these dogs are ideal family pets.”

This was met with a furious response from many people on social media who opposed Tobin’s views:



Professional dog groomer and canine expert, Emily Webster, does not believe that certain breeds are more dangerous than others and thinks that the owner of the dog has a degree of responsibility when researching and deciding to get a dog.

She said: “People need to educate themselves on a breed so they can fully understand the dog’s needs before committing to owning the dog. Certain breeds have traits which make them powerful and stubborn and that coupled with an inexperienced owner can lead to a dog displaying unwanted behaviour.

“Owners sometimes unknowingly create a dangerous dog by not doing research or putting time into the dog, or you get owners getting a dog purely for what they look like.”

The 1991 Dangerous Dog Act has outlawed the ownership of the following breeds:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro

If you have any concern that you may own a dangerous dog or if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behaviour please ring the RSPCA for advice on  0300 123 4999 or visit its website

This graph shows the number of deaths from dog attack incidents from 1981-2015.


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