“ARRIVAL” would be the perfect choice for you if you are planning to catch a movie and you are keen on science fiction. “Arrival” is a sci-fi film that was released on the first day of September and made its UK cinema debut on the 10th of November.

It is based on Ted Chiang’s short story titled “Story of Your Life”. The film unravels the story of Dr Louise Banks, a female linguistic, played by Amy Adams, who has been hit by tragedy after losing her daughter from cancer during her childhood years.

When a number of UFOs land in different geographical areas of the earth, she is chosen by the US military to help communicate with the aliens, who arrived with unknown intentions. After struggling to decode their language along with the physicist Ian Donnelly, portrayed by Jeremy Renner, the world governments are becoming more and more cautious. While the world is ready to engage in an armed conflict to eliminate any possible threat by the arrivals, the persistent linguistic tries to unravel the final pieces of the puzzle and reveal their purposes.

The thing that differentiates this film and gives it an element of originality is the fact that it presents a different perspective in the concept of alien invasion, which is commonly used as a movie theme. The outer-space visitors are not portrayed as a threat to humanity, but their purpose and role is a mystery that is constantly explored and developed as the movie progresses.

The Oscar contender sci-fi drama which is currently aired on the big screen, stands out from the common alien encounter movies which have been massively produced. Although somebody might think there is not enough action for a movie of this kind, it is a fast-paced story with a smooth plot that does not stall for a moment and keeps the audience transfixed.

The most interesting aspect about “Arrival” is the unexpected twist of events it eventually gets. The ending can be perceived in different ways, raising questions and challenging the viewers to solve them on their own.

Amy Adams gives a convincing performance as the lead character. Her role as a grieving mother, whose daughter’s memories lead her through the development of the story, is exceptionally combined with the image of a strong and smart woman.

She is supported by Jeremy Renner, whose character Ian Donnelly perceives matters in a totally different way than Louise, creating a vivid contrast that only makes the film more fascinating.

In conclusion, when it comes to sci-fi, everyone thinks of a movie based on action film clichés. If you are looking for something completely different and unconventional, yet thrilling, then “Arrival” will offer a unique experience that will certainly not let you down.

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