BRAMHALL High School in Stockport has been hit with an outbreak of flu with almost 250 pupils and teachers suffering with the bug.

The school had to cancel its planned Ofsted inspection yesterday, Tuesday, December 6 as a result and is now closing from Thursday, December 7 to Monday, December 12.

The school has 1,200 pupils and parents are being urged to maintain standards of cleanliness so that pupils can avoid the spread of infection.

Lynne Fox, Bramhall High School’s head teacher, said: “As the cases of flu are continuing to rise we have now been advised by the Health Authorities to close the school to enable all our
poorly students and staff to recover.

“This five day period of closure will allow anyone currently ill to have a period of recuperation to avoid any danger of reinfection.

“Clearly this decision has not been taken lightly but I am acting on the sound professional guidance of my colleagues from both the Local Authority and from the Public Health England.”

A letter was sent home to parents from public health consultant Dr David Baxter earlier in the week saying: “A number of children and teachers in the school have developed an upper respiratory infection that yesterday was confirmed to be influenza.”

“This is a viral illness spread by coughing and sneezing which causes a fever, sore throat, muscle aches and a cough.

“In well individuals, influenza is a generally mild infection that usually requires no treatment other than fluids and occasional paracetamol to manage the fever and aching.

“Please be aware that children under 16 should not take any medicines containing aspirin.

“If there is anyone in your family with lung, heart, liver, kidney, or neurological disease, diabetes or an impaired immune system, or pregnant they should be advised to see their GP for an influenza vaccine at the earliest opportunity, as these conditions can cause influenza to be a more severe disease.

“If your child becomes ill and develops any of the above signs and symptoms, they should not come into school until they are fully recovered and no longer infectious, which is usually at least 5 days after the symptoms appear.

“Please contact your Pharmacist or ring NHS 111 number if you need advice.”

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