Intu Trafford Centre is to have its own two-episode TV series on Channel 5 and will be showing us all the ‘nitty gritty’ of the lights switch on.

Events coordinator, Nikki Tansey, who excitedly shared what we can be expecting in the show airing next week.

“the TV producers came one board earlier in the year to ask questions about it as it was something they wanted to do and to see if it was something we have would like to get involved with and everybody was really up for it. I feel like it is more of a celebration of what we do.

“the series is just going to show all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes, you don’t get to see what happens here 24 hours a day, it is a 24/7 operation so it’s all fun, it’s all proactive, the energy is really high and I think that’s how it’s going to come across hopefully.”

Nikki also went on to describe what we can expect from the TV series: “‘The first episode is all the build-up of the Christmas light switch on, also the competition for it which was just to get the community involved in a competition and the winner got to sing on the Christmas light switch on the same night as Fleur East which is absolutely massive.”

So far we know that the show will be a behind the scenes of the Trafford centre light switch on and any other festive events, even getting right down to the efforts of putting up the festive decorations. The show will reveal the ‘nitty gritty of behind the scenes of what actually happens to get Fleur East on that stage”.

We should be seeing Nikki’s face a few times during the show, as the events coordinator she has a lot of involvement with the likes of the light switch on she shared: “I’m involved because I’m the event manager so all the events you see here in the centre big and small I’m in charge of them. I’m involved as I’ll be coordinating all the different teams literally there’s is a full team involved in every event so anything you see from the security to the cleaning up the isles to customer service it’s my job to coordinate all those teams. And everyone obviously loves these events they love getting all the people in love seeing their smiley happy shoppers so my job is to make sure that happens really.”


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