JACK Rocks This Feeling stage took over Night and Day café on Saturday night with some of the hottest upcoming bands to come in 2017. Our entertainment reporter, Abi White, went along to see what some of the talent had to offer…

With an eight-band star line up on offer for only £5 in advance, and a free Jack Daniels and coke for the first 50 through the door, this truly was a steal of an event that ran from 7:30pm until around 2am, with This Feeling DJ’s playing until 4am-a super indie party not to be missed.

Hailing from Leeds, a four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band, The Strawberries, wonderfully opened the show-setting the bar high for the rest of the bands to perform to and giving the slightly-sober audience a glimpse of what was to follow for the rest of the evening.

The night was host to an array of bands from around the country, and next to take to the stage was Birmingham-born band- The Assist. With their lyrically driven tracks and melodic guitar riffs, the band lived up to the high expecations for the bands showcased that evening.

As the audience began to get a little merry, next to take their place on the Night and Day stage were Bolton lads, Jordan Allen.  Describing themselves as ‘refreshingly real rock and roll’, the band opened up their set with ‘Remembered’, a track that is usually saved to end their sets.

However, it worked surprisingly well as an opener, as the punchy riffs had the audience’s attention from the onset.

Due to the nature of the evening, the bands were limited to shorter sets, yet Jordan Allen made the most of this, displaying their most recognisably infectious songs, including the likes of ‘Too Much Too Soon,’ ‘Rosie’, ‘Helter Skelter’ and concluding with ‘Set In Stone.”

‘Rosie’ seemed most appealing to the audience, as it allowed people who weren’t familiar with the Northern band to participate with their easily memorable song.

Hailing from Nuneaton, Warwickshire based band, April, were next to take to the star-studded line up. One of the highlights of the evening, the quintet gave of vintage 90’s vibes yet still appeared modern and current within the music scene.

With psychedelic, spacey vibes April can be caught on tour with both Cabbage and The Shimmer Band in the next coming months.

Two North West based-bands, Dantevilles and Strange Bones, played next to the now rather drunker audience, before the night was set to draw to a close with White Room and The Blinders.

White Room, the Brighton based five piece displayed a set infused with psychedelic vibes and driving distorted riffs weaving throughout each track. This band was another favourite of the night, injecting a different flavour to the bands displayed throughout the evening.

Final and headlining band of the night, Doncaster trio, The Blinders spectacularly closed the show. The heaviest band of the evening, their debut single ‘Swine’, proved impressive for the audience to see a band on the brink of blossoming into something extremely exciting.

As he thrashed his guitar in the middle of the crowd, frontman, Thomas Haywood concluded The Blinders’ set and brilliantly chosen line up of hot upcoming bands of 2017.

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