When Aglena Sharkova was asked to run an event as part of her business and tourism degree, she took the opportunity to do something good – and came up with pet a puppy.

She said: “I’m working with two other girls doing the same course. One of our exams this semester is to create an event.”

For Sharkova, it was a given that she wanted to run an event to do with animals.

Sharkova and her team chose to raise money for Guide Dogs UK, a charity who connects guide dogs with the blind or partially sighted.

Sharkova said: “We could do any event, we wanted it to be a charity and I am personally in love with animals, it’s something I’ve always been passionate about.”

The girls reached out to the charity, who were very happy to work with them and help put on the event:

“They were all really helpful and they were all excited that we wanted to work with them,” she said.

The event will take place in the Lady Hale building at the University of Salford, from 1-3pm on the 8th of March. Each attendee receives some time with fully trained guide dogs from the association, having a day off from service.

Sharkova explained: “We are booking people for fifteen minutes each with the dogs. In return they will have to donate £3.50 which will all go to the association.”

Volunteers from Guide Dogs UK will also be present to teach the dog lovers about the association and what they do.

Guide dogs and some other service dogs cannot be petted whilst on duty, so Sarkova expressed her excitement for them to get some affection during their time off.

The Facebook event currently has 695 people interested, with 143 going. The girls are delighted that their event has picked up so much momentum.

She said: “We’re really happy that become are giving is so much attention and becoming so involved.”

Find out more here if you would like to attend, and visit Guide Dogs UK dog

 to find out more about the charity.

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