Black bin collections are set to be reduced to force Manchester households to recycle more.

Manchester City Council is hoping to move to  collections every three weeks, rather than once a week.

The council is also pushing special food waste bins, separate from main black bins which will now be collected once a week.

These food bins come with decomposable bin liners, and can take all food waste, including cooked food, leftovers, and vegetable peelings.

Manchester City Council will provide a smaller food bin for kitchens and a larger one to go outside with your other bins, free of charge.

A local Manchester environmental charity is behind this decision, stating: “Manchester Friends of the Earth supports the changes being made by Salford City Council to drive up recycling rates.”

It believes recycling not only helps climate change, but also benefits the community, saying: “Recycling brings in money for local councils, reduces use of valuable resources and helps to tackle climate change.”

However, not all locals are happy about this decision. Student Shannon Smillie, 19, believes the changes in bin collections are an inconvenience, but do boost her recycling. “I think it’s ridiculous that the black bin has changed to every 3 weeks.”

“As someone who lives in a house of five with one black bin, the rubbish is constantly overflowing as it is, we have seven or eight extra bin bags every week. Since it has changed we have become much better at recycling, having full blue and brown bins every week.”

Salford local activist Hannah Roland was also frustrated with the change, however was pleased with the Salford City Council’s quick response to her need for a bin. She said: “It’s not ideal, especially in an area that is full of house shares. With a 9 bed house, every 3 weeks is not often enough.”

However, it has encouraged us to separate food waste from other non-biodegradable non-recyclables. We didn’t have a food bin when we moved in, but we ordered food bins and bio-degrade able bin bags just last night and they arrived today which is great responsiveness from Salford City council.”

Salford City Council chose not to comment until the changes had been in place for a few weeks, in order to gauge public reactions.

For information on your local bin collections, and how to request a food waste bin, visit the Manchester City Council website.

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