WORLD-FAMOUS Bury market opened as normal today despite a fire next to the site last night.

Bury council reassured supporters of the world famous market that is business as usual following a blaze close to the site on Monday.

Firefighters are debating whether it could have been discarded cigarettes that sparked the fire at the market after officers discovered a large skip ablaze with masses of plastic crates nearby.

Three fire engines attended the 30ft high flames which were creating a thick plume of smoke but no injuries were reported.

The fire is thought to have started in the skip but then spread to the large pile of crates nearby.

It is now believed not to be an arson attack, but Greater Manchester Police and the fire service are still carrying out an investigation into the incident.

A market spokesman said: “There was little damage and the only thing that needed replacing was a £20 grill.”

Despite little damages, this will not be affecting trading patterns at the and the famous Bury Markets will be open for business as usual.

It has been said that the fire wasn’t actually within the markets but extremely close by near Milage Shopping Center and some bins close to that.

This is where the 30ft fire took place.

We spoke to stallholder Susan who said: “The fire doesn’t put me off having a stall there.”

The security man looked at the footage and saw the smoke and called the Fire Brigade he said: “it only took about two minutes to put out”.

Susan explained that the problem they have now is that everyone has heard about it but the have not been given all the correct information.

Many people think they have to cancel their trips to the markets as they think it is worse than it actually was. There was also clarification that it didn’t affect any of the stalls.

She has spoken to another stall holder who thinks that the stallholders themselves need to be educated. As “If those plastic bread baskets hadn’t of been left there the fire wouldn’t of happened.”

She said stall holders also think that “there should be more security” in the markets to prevent further situations like this.

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