THOUSANDS of students are taking part in the events of One World Week every year at the university campuses of the United Kingdom.

Now, after last year’s success, University of Salford brings together students from different backgrounds again through music, sports, culture and parties.

holi - a sky full of colours

The week-long celebration of diversity started off with a colourful Indian celebration, Holi Festival, also known as the festival of colours.

Jono Stainsby, event organiser of the Students Union also said: “It’s really important, especially in today’s society that we all come together and celebrate each other. There are a lot of tensions between different countries and cultures…

“Student Unions are the most forward thinking organisations and we have to make sure we are driving forward the inclusion of all students and races. Because if we can’t do it on our own university campuses then there is not really hope for anybody else…”

The week’s programs will continue throughout the week until 17 March, including an international movie night, a big karaoke party, international sport events, games and language taster sessions.

Angela Yeboah, a Ghanaian student of University of Salford said: “University events like this enable us to get a different perspective, a global perspective of the world.

“When you meet new people, different cultures, it gives you an opportunity to appreciate the way they think, do and see things. It’s another learning experience at the university.”

One World Week will close with the world famous celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick’s Day.

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