WALKING into any Wetherspoons pub, everyone knows what to expect: uniquely gaudy carpets and cheap, disposable food with little flair but plenty of taste. The Paramount on Oxford Road is no exception to this, though the company’s new menu, consisting mostly of American inspired burgers and hot dogs, and the super trendy vegetable avocado, has whipped up some new interest in the ubiquitous pub chain.

The Quays team went down to try out different parts of the new menu.

Empire State Burger:

Empire State Burger is a bold name, but the double patty, bacon rsz_img_0347filled monster that was presented to me more than lives up to the name. When I remove the two tomatoes, the size of burger does instantly seem less impressive, luckily though the staff don’t scrimp on bacon – it hangs out of the burger lavishly. There’s plenty of freshness to be found; onions and particularly crisp lettuce. It comes with a side of onion rings and chips, though the overall meal is slightly too dry to really satisfy, and at a pricey (for Spoons) £8 it could at least come with a pot of BBQ sauce.

The New York Deli Burger: 

New York Deli Burger consisted of a single beef patty, pastrami, mustard mayo and gherkins. I thought it was a solid burger, well worth the £6 it cost. With a side of classic Spoons style chips and onion rings, compared to a similar priced fast food meal like McDonald’s or Burger King it undeniably great value. The Pastrami/Mustard Mayo mixture complimented each other surprisingly well, a flavour you don’t get often this side of the Atlantic.

rsz_img_0273Avocado Bagel: 

The avocado in this bagel comes smashed – or smeared – onto its blandish bread bagel. Whilst the dairy free option isn’t the most exciting, it does what it aims to pretty successfully. Again it comes with standard issue Spoons chips that somehow always manage to taste and look identical.


State Dog: rsz_1img_0272

The State Dog explains why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. On the outside a delicious sausage surrounded by lovely looking cheese sauce, bacon, onion and more, one bite revels a poorly thought out balance. The cheese is utterly overwhelming, filling far more of the taste than the overtly artificial sausage and almost non-existent bacon bits.

Cookie Dough Sandwich:

The cookie dough sandwich, drizzled with salted caramel sauce, is a truly standout desert. The hearty dollop of ice cream served alongside the sandwich adds texture and contrast from the gooey, warm cookie dough. Possibly the best new addition to the menu.

The new menu definitely brings some great new food to the pub chain, and whilst there are some less-than- successful dishes, more choice is never a bad thing.

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