ALMOST a quarter of primary and secondary schools across Salford will face significant funding cuts over the next year, according to a new government plan.

Of the 93 schools in the area, 22 are set to lose money in wake of the latest budget shake-up.

This plan, referred to by Government sources as the ‘fair funding formula’, has been proposed in order to promote equal distribution of funding.

However, there has been significant backlash from unions, who argue that it will cause detriment to student welfare.

Many of the affected schools have or have previously had a high percentage of students receiving free school meals, indicating that the pupils missing out are more likely to come from lower income households.

For instance, Dukesgate Academy – a primary school in Little Hulton – has seen 70 per cent of students receiving free school meals at one time or another over the past six years: 45 per cent above the national average.

Overall, the worst affected school will be Salford City Academy, a large secondary school located in Eccles.

The Academy, which was established in 2005 and rated as ‘Good’ by OFSTED, will have £104,000 slashed from their budget – that’s a loss of around £182 per student over the next academic year (2017-18).

However, the school were unable to comment on the effect the cuts will have.

According to our estimates, other institutions facing the most significant losses are Beis Yaakov High School in Higher Broughton, which will lose £156 per pupil; The Friar’s Primary School, with losses of £111 per pupil; and Dukesgate Academy, at £118 per pupil.

Each of the worst affected schools has an Ofsted rating of good or above, indicating that the level of achievement is in line with or above the national average.

According to the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the proposed cuts are part of a nationwide trend which will leave 99% of schools worse off by 2019.

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the NUT, said: “No head teacher should be put in the position of increasing class sizes, leaving building repairs undone, or cutting staff and resources simply to balance the books.

“Nor should any parent accept this for their child.

“We can and should be funding our schools properly.”

For a definitive list of the affected schools in your area, see the map below.


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