STUDENTS in the Greater Manchester area have been warned by police to take extra precautions when walking the streets late at night for their safety.

Following the return to Manchester this academic year, students have been warned by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to consider personal safety when travelling the streets. As there has been increased reports and sightings of crime.

Police said they have seen a ‘spate of personal robberies’ in the Fallowfiled area, making students feel unsafe to walk the streets at night.

Alice Atkin, Manchester student and resident of Fallowfield, said: “I’ve heard of groups of men hanging around streets that back onto alleyways and scoping out possible houses to steal from.

“They climb the drainpipe, get what they need and run.

“I mean my mum worries for me when I wake early at 5 or arrive late home from swim training because she doesn’t want me to be by myself”.

Alice also explained how she has to walk down Ladybarn Lane where women have allegedly been raped in the past, something which can be unnerving to students.

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In response to the calls from GMP to students, and the recent muggings, Matt Harvison, student at The University of Manchester, created a petition and composed a letter to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham.

“I think it was important to raise awareness by potentially going viral with a petition: a collective angry voice of students, other residents of Fallowfield and concerned parents and loved ones of Fallowfield residents.”

“The petition was thought of because of the potential impact of a collective student voice to hand to Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Police Force that will hopefully make a difference.”

“I feel like for too long now the student body has been pushed aside…I don’t think this should continue, and the police and local councils should be doing more for vulnerable students gaining independence for the first time in their lives”.

This isn’t the first time student safety has been the topic of a petition.

Niamh Shakleton, student from the University of Salford, earlier this year set up a campaign to make Salford a safer place for students with her petition Light Up Salford, following a mugging which took place on Wallness Lane.

“I think it was important to raise awareness by potentially going viral with a petition”

You can support both Matt and Niamh in their campaigns to make Greater Manchester a safer place for students by signing their petitions.


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