The construction of a new Metrolink line is causing major traffic disruption in the Trafford Park area and is to continue to do so until 2020, according to Hotel Football employees.

In late 2016, Metrolink began the construction of their new Trafford Park line which has caused huge disruption for commuters and businesses in Trafford Park.

The new line is to cost £350 million and will include six new Metrolink stops between Exchange Quay and the Trafford Centre.

The new development will provide an extremely useful link from Manchester City Centre to the Trafford Centre which many people believe is long overdue. However, the construction of the new line is causing and will continue to cause disruption to both commuters and business in the Trafford Park area.

The tweet below shows the tram stops on the route which is under construction.

Transport For Greater Manchester (TFGM) has warned drivers of the traffic disruption and told people to allow more time for their journey. The roadworks also mean changes to eight bus services causing further disruption to commuters. 

Sarah Buckley, an employee at Hotel Football, said: ‘The traffic on the way in to work is a nightmare. The roadworks and diversions mean I have to go a long way round to get to the car park which adds an extra ten minutes on to my journey which is already horrendous during rush hour anyway’.

The development has also meant massive disruption for businesses in the heart of Trafford Park which is the largest trading estate in Europe.

Construction taking place on Trafford Wharf Road means trouble for Match days at Old Trafford

The roadworks, which mean that one side of Trafford Wharf Road is closed, are also causing massive problems for any football fans travelling to Old Trafford this seasons.

The closures and one way systems that are now in place mean that match day parking is a lot harder to find and designated car parks are a lot harder to get to. It also means longer walks for travelling fans whose coaches often use Trafford Wharf Road as a place to park.

Another complaint has been that considering the amount of disruption the development is causing and the amount of time it’s taking to be built, the line is only short and doesn’t extend past the Trafford Centre. This means that within a few kilometres there are other attractions such as DW gym, the Sports Dome, the Trafford Driving range and the AJ Bell Stadium which won’t be immediately accessible via the Metrolink.





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