A MANCHESTER centre dedicated to suffragette founder Emmeline Pankhurst is seeking £20,000 crowd funding to create a garden as a refuge for women.

Pankhurst’s house is now a small museum and heritage centre in Chorlton-on-Medlock that tries to carry on her legacy by empowering women.

The Pankhurst Centre provides a safe space for women to feel comfortable to do what they want without any judgement and a garden would make it even more of an oasis.

The Pankhurst Centre

Emmeline Pankhurst led the suffragette campaign which helped women win the right to vote in the 1800s.


The Emmeline Pankhurst Centre

The centre hosts a number of women’s organisations and projects that support women, continuing the struggle that the Suffragettes began, fighting for women’s rights, all those years ago.

One of its most recent projects is Women’s Words Manchester.

The best entries will be published in a hand-crafted magazine to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women winning the vote that will be released next year.

The Pankhurst Trust is committed to challenging gender equality and ending the social injustice and violence against women and girls this fosters. What better way of doing this than by encouraging women to use their voice and then making sure it is heard for generations to come.

-The Pankhurst Centre

Not only is the centre a small heritage museum but it is also home to Manchester Women’s Aid. The charity is able to provide housing and protection for women and their children who are fleeing from domestic and sexual abuse.

Another campaign of the centre’s is Plant a Seed for Gender Equality aims to create a suffragette garden to celebrate the incredible work that women from both the past and present are continuing to take part in.

The Pankhurst Trust said: “We also want to turn our garden into a sanctuary for our women and children as well, many of whom have been through very traumatic experiences.”

The National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society are planning to showcase the garden at the Tatton Park Flower Show in July 2018.

An estimated 80,000 people are going to see it which will help raise even more awareness before it is replanted in the centre’s garden.

The Pankhurst Centre has raised just under £10,000 with the help of more than 200 supporters. The people of Manchester still have 14 days left to donate to cause.

To donate to The Pankhurst Trust, please visit: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/plant-a-seed-for-gender-equality

The address for the Pankhurst Centre is:
60-62 Nelson Street
Chorlton on Medlock
M13 9WP



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