NEXT Tuesday, December 5th, Salford University’s New Adelphi studio theatre will host a night of spontaneous laughs and unpredictable giggles, as the local improv comedy troupe are in town.

CSzUK, have been entertaining audiences of all ages for 15 years, and features local professional improvisers, comedians, and even some university alumni.

As mental health awareness month (Movember) comes to a close this week, we recognise comedy as being one of the best exits from reality, agreed with by CSzUK performer, Brainne Edge.

“I think comedy is crucial… it’s all about escapism and how you can have those moments where you’re not having to think about everything.

“A lot of people escape in a lot of different ways like video games, holidays, walks in the park, but for me it’s always been improv… and roller derby.”

1 in every 8 men in the UK have suffered from mental health problems, and comedy is proved to be one of the best relievers from this problem.

Improvised comedy is very popular in America, where Brainne has previously worked, and offers more audience interactivity than the stand up comedy we are used to in the UK, as she describes:

The monthly comedy event, is split into two halves – the first being improvised comedy, followed by a guest student performer – which this month is foreign exchange student Callum Fisher.

There is also place in the second half of the show, for anyone brave enough to face the open mic, which is appreciated greatly by the professional team.

After performing at esteemed venues like The Comedy Store, The Royal Exchange and even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the group are well used to creating something from nothing.

With 7:30 start time, entry costing £2 and disabled access available, crowds from all stretches of life are encouraged to attend this ‘opportunity to get involved in a night of fun and games’.

For more information on the show, or to be considered for the open mic, follow this link:

For support or information on mental health issues, please visit:

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