A FILM screening of Bitter Lake directed by Adam Curtis will be shown at Islington Mill tonight.

Adam Curtis is a British documentary film-maker whose work explores areas of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and political history.

His 2015 documentary – Bitter Lake focuses on how Western leaders’ simplistic good vs evil narrative has failed in the complex post-war era. The documentary also looks at how many Islamic terrorist groups have their origins in the U.S’s long-standing alliance with Saudi Arabia.

Adam Curtis has a favoured theme of ‘power and how it works in society’.

The director has produced more than 25 films stemming back to as early as 1983 with his first documentary ‘Just Another Day: Selfridges’ which explores behind the scenes at Selfridges department store on Oxford Street, London.

His films have gone on to earn the British director four BAFTA awards.

Curtis has worked closely with broadcast giants BBC where a lot of his work is published on platforms such as BBC One, Two, and BBC iplayer.

The film night will consist of free entry but donations will be taken on the door for Islington Mill’s fundraiser.

The event insists you bring your own beer and friends.

Check out the trailer for the 2015 documentary ‘Bitter Lake’ below.

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