IN the run up to the big day, millions of people are buying all sorts of Christmas gifts for their loved ones, with reports saying that children’s toys such as Hatchimals, NERF and Star Wars are at the top of the list.

Consumers are faced with retail prices rising and the pound falling by 20% following the Brexit vote, so we had a look for some more bespoke and handmade items which are being sold in Salford this year.

Various local Salford residents and small businesses have been putting their creative skills to the test, creating a variety of handmade items for people to gift over Christmas. We had a look at some of our best finds…

 Salford Mueseum and Art Gallery

Located on Peel Park campus at the University of Salford, independent artists and craftspeople around the local area can showcase their work to be sold at affordable prices.

The shop is open to the public and features gifts for a variety of ages and the best thing is, the proceeds go back into the museum to keep the 1850s Victorian gallery running.

Amy Sogles, Retail, Sales and Catering Manager for Salford Community Leisure who run the gallery, said: “All the money we make through our shop is reinvented un our service so it is an ethical way of spending.

“We do represent a number of local designers and makers and it it’s nice for them to have their products sold in our venue to a range of visitors.”

 Salford Bus Blind Company

 For quirky Christmas gifts, Amy recommends a popular high-selling item of the museum shop’s, Salford Bus Blind company merchandise, whom they have an exclusive contract with.

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The merchandise on sale has the names of famous places around Salford and ranges from mugs and notebooks to picture-frames and cushions, ranging from £2.99-£25.00.

Salford Bus Blind collection can be found at the museum and art gallery
 Ruby Cupid

Handmade jewellery can also be found here, in the shape of Liverpool designer Ruby Cupid whose delicately made necklaces, earrings and bracelets range from an affordable £25-£100+.

Ruby Cupid Collection can be found at the museum
 Kate Downes Artwork & Urban Sketch Exhibition

If you’re feeling more generous the museum’s collection of paintings and artwork are also on sale to the public, with Kate Downes’ pieces on local landmarks and the Urban Sketch exhibition which features artists’ work from all around Manchester.

Kate Downes: Etching of Manchester Central Lines £60

The Urban Sketch exhibition pieces sell for a range of prices, from £45-£800 and feature artist’s work of a range of abilities.

Although the pieces will not be available to take home until June, merchandise can also be found on the exhibition, which is on sale to encourage young artists’ in the Salford area to be more creative. 

Urban Sketch Exhibition is available to visit until June 2018

Independent craftspeople

 Jo Concannon

As a local artist, Jo makes bespoke pictures crafted from pebbles, beechwood, seaglass, beachpottery, shells and marine plastic to sell to the local community.

Selling her artwork at local Artisan markets such as The Lowry and and Cheadle, Jo’s unique pieces are the perfect quirky gift to give to any arty-minded friends or family this year.

Telling us why her work would create a great present, she said: “My work is inspired by nature and the things I see around me. Every picture is individually handmade by me with love and care and therefore you will have a unique, one of a kind piece of artwork.

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Jo’s supports #2minutebeachclean
Four Sis4ers Gin Distillery

Based in Salford Quays, the distillery is brand new to the local area and still working on a signature gin which they will launch in the new year.

The Four sisters are related to the Seven Brothers of the local Salford Brewery and with the tricks of the alcohol industry in their genes, promise a good quality-local gin.

Lucy McAvoy, director and sister number 4 explained that the distillery had been getting a lot of interest in the run up to Christmas with people wanting to gift their gin.

“We’re offering those interested the opportunity to purchase a special gift voucher for a bottle of our signature gin from our very first batch, including a SIS4ERS DISTILLERY juniper glass, making it part of a very special edition.

There will only be around 100-125 bottles in our first batch, so it will make the edition the first of it’s kind,” she explained.

The special edition Christmas gift voucher will come with a special glass which allows the recipient to claim their 700ml bottle of the first gin made by the sisters.

The Christmas voucher offers customers the first batch of the crafted gin

So if you are struggling for unique and special Christmas present ideas to get your loved ones this year, then look no further then these bespoke pieces created by people in your local community.



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