The Manchester native artist, David Coulter, closed his exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery with a ‘Meet the Artist’ event for locals this past Sunday, the 11th of February.

Coulter’s paintings are intended to capture the calmer aspects and scenes of the Manchester and Salford area, with his refined earth-toned palette and impressionistic style. He is widely familiar with the local surroundings considering he has spent his life here and is now in his seventies.

Obviously, we’re used to such a busy cosmopolitan city; he tries to capture the essence of just the downtime,’ said Andrea Keely, a gallery supervisor at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

The rainy days and grittiness of Manchester and Salford are where David Coulter has grabbed his inspiration for his paintings.

‘There’s nothing finished about Manchester, it’s got its own character,’ Coulter said as he explained his blurred and indefinite paint strokes.

According to various members of the Salford Museum and Art Gallery staff, Coulter’s work brought in a positive response from people in the area and drew in visitors to specifically just see his work.

‘It’s important for Salford Museum to celebrate art from Salford and Manchester, we really want to represent it in a meaningful way,’ said Keely as she referred to Coulter’s exhibition which ran from November 2017 until this past Sunday.

While Coulter demonstrated recreations of some of his paintings, he also shared insight and artistic advice to his audience. He referred to his techniques as more of a bundle of tricks, as he used what looked to be a business card to paint the streaking effect of car lights in the rain.

Although Coulter’s exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery has come to a close, you can still see a few of his 1950’s themed pieces at the museum in the Four Miles from Manchester: Tony Warren exhibit, as he grew up in the same area and time as Warren.

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