The Random Acts of Kindness Day was celebrated on the 17th of February nationwide by individuals, groups, and organisations. People in Salford shared their latest inspiring stories with Salford Quays reporters, proving that there is a hand to help at every corner. 

Helping people is not an obligation to anyone, still, people do it whenever they feel the need to, putting a smile on somebody’s face.

However, the Random Acts of Kindness Day was made to encourage help giving between people. It was first celebrated in New Zealand in 2004.

Inspiring stories from Salford

We spoke to people in Salford and found out what are their latest stories about being a good person to the others.

How to late celebrate the day

Even if the date of 17th has passed, kindness can be celebrated in any day, at any time.

At the same time, if you want to do something nice for someone and you simply did not get the chance, you can find something to do for someone, such as:

  • Donate food to the food bank in a store (most of the supermarkets do it)
  • Take treats to the office and share it with your workmates
  • Pay the bus ticket for the passenger behind you
  • Pay for someone’s lunch in a coffee shop
  • Donate the clothes you bought but never wore

Charities in Salford

If you still feel the need to help and want to go more in depth, you can volunteer at the charities based in Salford. Click on each on the map and see what their cause is and how you can help.

Are you the one in need of help?

If you are in need and do not know who to talk to, Salford City Council has put a list on their website with useful numbers of support groups and national charities that might have an answer for you.

However, the list includes help for people with disabilities, epilepsy, learning difficulties and autism. You can find the needed help on the council’s website.

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