LAST week Magma published a series of zines produced by young and independent artists from Salford. This is part of a collaboration project on zines. 

What is a zine?

A zine is a small-edition self-published work of original text and images, reproduced usually by a photocopier. “Zine” is the short-form of the word “fanzine”.

Magma’s zine project in collaboration with Salford artists

However, Magma chose to collaborate with Salford young artists studying Fashion Image Making and Styling at Salford University. Also, they made a selection of titles that would provide a great content and quality for the shoppers and build a special shelf for the little artworks.

“They do really well. In previous years has been a mixture of friends and family coming and buying them, but also lots of our customers look forward to. This year especially much more people come in because we’ve got the window graphic”, the bookshop’s Manager explained.


Roxana Sayyad’s zine has been selected too for publishing and we found out what inspired her in producing the output.

“My zine is called ‘Milestones’ and it is a timeline of my journey in the last few years. As a start in my career, I tried to let the public get to know me and the whole process that constantly influences my work”, she said.

The displayed zines have each a different style, colour palette, approach on the chosen topics and they are £3 each.


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