SALFORD families could make more use of their local pharmacists to stay healthy this winter.

Residents are being urged to make their community pharmacy their first port of call to get clinical advice and treatment for minor ailments.

A campaign running until the end of the month is raising awareness of the help pharmacies can provide for anyone feeling ill rather than waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Dipesh Raghwani, local pharmacist and Clinical Lead for the Greater Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee, said: “Pharmacists are healthcare experts and are the right people to see if you need clinical advice for a minor health concern.”

“Parents can be assured that pharmacists are trained to identify any warning signs of more serious illnesses and will refer appropriately if your child needs urgent care.”

Dipesh Raghwani

They advise to take even minor health concerns and pains seriously, the pharmacists being well trained to deal with them.

With these the pharmacist can help the customer choose one that would be best for their described ailments, also advising whether they need to see a GP.

The campaign lists the many services pharmacies can provide, along with allowing users can find their nearest available.

Medicines Use Review is one of these services, offering a detailed consultation about an individuals medicines, with special focus for people who are taking several medicines.

They also offer healthy lifestyle advice that covers things like healthy eating, physical activity, losing weight, stopping smoking.

The NHS hope this campaign could see a reduction of unnecessary GP time to see patients with more serious illnesses and will help reduce non-emergency A & E visits.

The Salford NHS CCG have previously shown their attempts to promote simple solutions to health risks last winter.

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