Salford’s fourth foodbank is to open in Swinton next month.

The expansion organised by Salford Foodbank comes after 5,047 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in Salford in 2017. This is a 30 percent increase from the previous year and demand is still rising.

Mark Whittingon, 44, who is a full-time employee at Salford’s Foodbank, said: “We have seen increase year upon year of the amount of people that we’ve helped and we continue to believe that it is actually going to get worse.”

Foodbanks in Salford provide three-day emergency food packages for people in crisis who, for whatever reason, cannot afford to buy food.

2018’s statistics so far for Salford’s Foodbank, taken on 10/4/2018

The new foodbank in Swinton will work on a referral based system, just like its current foodbanks. The foodbank works with more than 100 different agencies in Salford that can identify people who would benefit from the services that Salford Foodbank provides.

The Swinton foodbank will open at the end of May.

Existing foodbanks can be located using this map, here:

Mr Whittington said: “The new foodbank will enable people of the Swinton area to access foodbank. We want people to access our services as locally as possible.”

The foodbanks across Salford also signpost people to other organisations that they work with, which may help people in crisis further. Advisers from these organisations are on site when the foodbanks are open to the public.

To hear more from Mr Whittington, click below:

To contact the foodbank call on 0161 637 4500, or email


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