An innovative exhibition showcasing ‘bio-art’ is underway at Salford’s Lowry Art Gallery.

Edit.02 is an exclusive and original exhibition containing the combination of Salford artists work and young people in the community.

Textile and visual artists Vicky Clarke, Sally Gilford who are part of the independent arts hub Islington Mill in Salford plus Cheryl O’Meara are part of art collective thread { }.

There are two parts to this exhibition which ends 22nd April, focusing on Bio-art, which is the use of biodata to create art, and includes a bio-quilt and digital images created by human algorithms.

Using a Pulsometer, the rhythm of the heart is captured and transformed into a digital image

The artists worked alongside a group of young adults from Salford as part of a residency project. The artists explained that: “By the end of the week we’d bonded over tech and textiles, it was amazing to watch their skills and confidence grow”.

EDIT.02 bioquilt exhibition

The bioquilt incorporates fabrics that are formed into cubes which has references to computer games such as Minecraft. Each part of this quilt represents ‘our connections to others and ourselves’.

Both projects combine traditional textiles and biodata to explore ways in which stories can be told through fabric and technology.

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