A Cannabis advocate for the upcoming annual 420 event has asked people to leave the alcohol at home this year.

Simpa Carter, 29, will be speaking at the 8th consecutive 420 event this Sunday in hopes of educating those attending on the benefits of legalizing the Class B substance.

The event known as ‘420’ sees hundreds of cannabis users flock to Platt Fields Park every year in a protest against the criminalisation of marijuana.

The event includes entertainment from DJs, speakers highlighting the issues on the matter, as well as hundreds of users.

Speaking on the matter, Simpa said “There are many benefits of legalizing cannabis. Research has found it helps with those suffering from cancer. My talk will cover medicinal, industrial, and recreational usage. I will also be talking about how the removal of laws surrounding the issue will benefit society”.

“I encourage people to not consume alcohol at the event because I am hoping to have an open dialogue to say to the government, look not all drugs are the same”.

Simpa went on to add: “It’s a celebration as much as it is a protest. It is a physical place where people can consume cannabis in a peaceful way. We are just trying to say, look, we are here smoking weed, we are not violent, we are not aggressive or causing any harm. This is what it can be like”.

A spokesperson Manni Juana, the event organisers said: “We have an array of speakers, and consumers, there is a great community spirit every year with no trouble”.

Currently, cannabis is a class B drug, which holds a prison sentence of up to five years for possession, and 14 years for supply and production.

Greater Manchester Police gave no comment on the collective consumption due to expect hundreds in attendance.

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