Emmanuel Church is situated on the historically rich Langworthy road and has existed at its current site for around 6 years. It sits in the middle of the re-development effort put forward by the council for Langworthy Road. The Emmanuel Church is a hub for the community of Langworthy and further afield, their outreach goes as far as Trafford park due to their popularity.

Emmanuel Church is the result of a partnership between the Church of England and a local methodist church which, was originally called Salford Methodist Community Church. The church is run by a host of volunteers and some members of staff, due to their location on Langworthy road the church offers a variety of services that range from after school care all the way to dancing sessions. This particular service is used more by elderly members of the community but younger members are encouraged to get involved as well.

One particular service that is very popular within the church is a charity by the name of Rainbow Haven Assylum seekers and refugees. This service entails the entire building being opened up to the charity and case workers and interpreters are brought in to assist members of the local community who may need the charities assistance.

On top of that, the church provides food parcles for individuals who attend the service and is intended as a means in which to support struggling individuals within the local community.

The church has something to offer everyone and if you are unable to find a day care centre for your children. The Emmanuel Church has a service called Home from Home which was set up by a member of the church team.

This service has seen a massive rise of popularity due to a few day centres around Salford being closed down. As such, the church has individuals that travel as far as from Trafford in order to utilise this particular service.

• If you would like to get involved, donate to or participate within one of the many events held at the Emmanuel Church. Please visit their website for more information.

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