Private nursery group KidzRus are set to launch their fifth Salford nursery in the village of Monton Green, Eccles.

Nicola Fleury, Director of KidzRus said: “I am a very proud, Salford born and bred, I’m an advocate of Salford, and I’m very fortunate that we’re able to expand our services to different areas.”

Awaiting their Ofsted visit and approval, the group hope to have this location open and running by the end of the month.

The new building will allow for up to 28 new staff positions and up to 78 children to be taken care of, raising their total to 343 positions for children across Salford and Greater Manchester.

Their initial plan is to have a smaller intake of 40 children and 20 staff members before expanding as they develop in the area, although they have been overwhelmed by the positive responce they have received so far from the area, seeing an unusually large amount of parent visits.

Nicola said: “It’s just quite unheard of and we’ve been so delighted with the response, we can’t wait to invite all the children and families to KidzRus Monton.

The group made their debut in 2015 and currently have locations based in Media City, Irlam, The Lodge and Swinton.

Meanwhile in Salford there are five Salford Council nurseries facing closure, with campaigners strongly protesting.

Nicola said: “It’s a very unfortunate situation, and it’s very sad for all the children and for the families who are completely settled, and the staff.

“However, with whatever we have available we would welcome any new children and families into any of our settings.”

Protesters in the group Save Our Nurseries will be hosting an Autumn Rally on the 27th October at the Salford Civic Centre.

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