Salford Green Impact runner up award winner, aims for recycling domination with Uni-Cycle business in Salford.

Hannah Cavanagh founded Uni-cycling in 2014 and since then she has diverted over 35 tons of reusable waste.

Cavanagh receives food and bedding from students that she donates to local shelters.

she also takes unwanted items from students and recycles them at low prices back to students that need them.

She says: “The reason I get out of bed is because of the students reactions to buying those items, it’s great and they feel like doing their bit for the environment and this is what I have set up to achieve’.

She added: ‘The reactions from students have been very positive, and I get people coming back it’s really nice you make lifelong friends here’.

Cavanagh has two books of feedbacks from students, she says one of her favourite feedbacks is from an Australian guy who wrote ‘BOSS’. She says: ‘It made me smile, when I feel a little bit low

I flick through my feedbacks and it makes me happy’.

Cavanagh relies on the sales of the items she sells in the shop, for the sustainability of the project.

In 2015 she was nominated for an award by ITV, and won Salford business award 2015 runner up, in the green category.

She is currently at The University of Salford but wants to conquer other universities around the UK and spread the word about recycling unused materials. She does this every year in the first term of university

You can find Uni-Cycle here on Instagram.

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