Trafalgar Day

The Pendleton Royal Naval Association and the Pendlebury Social Club celebrates Trafalgar Day in Salford.

Trafalgar Day commemorates the victory of Nelson’s Royal Navy against France and Spain in 1805.

On Sunday October 21st, members of the Royal Navy and veterans joined together to honour Britain’s victory. The Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Ronnie Wilson, was in attendance and he read out Nelson’s prayer:

Mayor Wilson also said: “Trafalgar Day is very important to the residents of Salford. It’s the one battle that everybody remembers.”

There was music, food and entertainment throughout the day. One act was a 3 piece band who’s drummer still serves in the Royal Navy. Next was a local artist who pleased people with his music and comedy. Afterwards everyone had the chance to take to the stage for an evening of karaoke.

Three piece band performing at Trafalgar Day. The drummer still serves in the Royal Navy.













One of the organisers of the event, Anthony Whitehouse-Smith said: “It was very difficult getting this event together, we didn’t know how successful it was going to be. We put everything together: food, drinks, staffing for the venue, getting the acts in and getting the word out.”

He added that it is very important to celebrate Trafalgar Day, because : “Nelson himself was one of the greatest naval leaders and a lot of people don’t know what he has done.”

Mr Whitehouse-Smith also said that: “Today we’ve had Bolton, Allerton, we’ve had army veterans here, serving members of the Royal Navy here all from the local communities. Coming together today on an afternoon, with some live music is important to keep the community spirit. It shows veterans that they can come here and meet new people, have a drink and have a good afternoon.”

The three organisers of the event. Anthony Whitehouse-Smith (right), was interviewed.


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