Salford City

A group of Salford City supporters have started up their own football team to encourage more football played in Salford.

Salford City are one of the fastest growing clubs in the UK, but it seems even the supporters want to get in the act, as a group of them have set up a new football team.

Salford supporter Simon Peers has said that the Salford City Supporters Club have made huge strides to establish themselves as a team since joining the IFA League.

“First training session there was seven of us down, it gradually grew and we got a team together. We played a game that we lost, but we all enjoyed it.

“To move forward from there, we’ve got a couple more friendlies against local teams and vets teams and now we’ve joined the IFA League ourselves and we’re moving forward.”

The Supporters Club faced Scottish Premiership side Livingston in a recent British Cup match and as well as it being a huge experience for the team, it was a good experience for them in terms of the social side of belonging to the team.

“We lost but it was an experience; all the lads enjoyed it and we went out in Edinburgh for team bonding, which brought the Salford fanbase together.

“It was a great experience because we played in the stadium, so a Scottish Premiership stadium.” Said Mr. Peers

In terms of the relationship with the side that the players are supporting, they are trying to forge a greater relationship with the Ammies.

“At the moment we don’t get a great deal of backing from Salford City. We’ve had to sort out our own club sponsors and shirts.

“We have done a couple of fans nights [at the club], they’ve donated a few shirts which we’ve managed to auction off.

“Last race night we did was to raise money for the Livingston trip. They are aware of us, but at the moment we’re not getting a great deal of backing.”

However, despite this, the club continues to grow and, with plans of a Veterans team in the future, as well already having played a big club in Scotland, who knows if the Salford City Supporters Club can emulate the club they love and go from strength to strength.

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