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The Launch Project based in Swinton has applied for the Aviva Community Fund for £7000 to finance their mobile food pantry.

The Launch project aims to create a healthier and happier community in Salford and Manchester.

They do this by organising community events, workshops and providing support for those living in poverty.

The Launch Project applied for the Aviva Community Fund in order to get their mobile food pantry up and running.

The mobile fund pantry will allow The Launch Project to deliver £20 worth of shopping to families who are struggling financially for £4 a week.

This would allow families to save £16 a week.

Natalie Lek, founder of the Launch Project said: ”With this saving families will have more money for their family.”

Voting is now open and the Project needs 3000 votes in order to receive the funding from Aviva.

Natalie continued: ”Voting is now open and each person that registers on the Aviva site gets 10 votes to use on what they believe in.

”I’m asking for as much help with this as possible.

”With this money we can get food to people who can’t get to food banks and to people who are struggling financially in Salford and Manchester.”

You can vote for the Launch Project by registering with Aviva and casting your votes here

To find out more about what the Launch Project does within the community click here

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