Salford is one of the worst areas in the country for problems relating to alcohol.

Greater Manchester sees 53 per cent more people admitted to hospital for alcohol related issues than the national average.

According to the NHS, in Salford alone more than 4,684 people are alcohol dependent and 1,403 Salford residents out of every 1000,000 are given prescriptions for issues relating to alcohol. This is seven times more than in London.

Data sourced from The Big Alcohol Conversation and NHS

The Big Alcohol Conversation follows this issue and says that almost a quarter of Greater Manchester residents think that their local area has an issue with public intoxication.

The organisation is currently touring Greater Manchester to reduce the issues associated with alcohol while supporting the nightlife for which it is famous.

Amy Cully Steele, a media campaigner for the organisation, says: ”People have that image of an alcoholic as somebody who wakes up at 6 o’clock goes and buys some booze and sits on a park bench all day when actually, in reality, it can be somebody who works 9-5. Drinking even one or two drinks a day can still be an alcohol dependency.

”It’s just about making people more aware of how much they are drinking and how to do that safer.”

One of the ways the campaign is trying to raise awareness is by using a tour bus with videos, a discussion on drinking and a measure the alcohol game onboard.

The game was created to see what people think is a correct measure of each alcohol is.

Amy says: ”You’d be surprised by how many people are pouring out a glass of wine that they think is just a medium measure [175 ml] and they actually pour out double that.

”They’re drinking that and they are thinking i’ve just had a glass of wine why do I feel drunk? Well its actually because you’ve had two glasses of wine.

“Unfortunately, it isn’t just adults in Salford that are affected as Steele told us: ”one in four children in Greater Manchester live with an alcohol-dependent parent and alcohol dependent can mean different things.”

Many of these children can recognise when their parents are drunk and it makes them feel anxious.

”I think a lot of parents don’t realise that. If parents knew that their behavior when their drinking is making their child anxious or uneasy then they’d be less likely to drink so much.”

Get involved: fill out The Big Alcohol Conversation’s survey here or follow them on Twitter.

To find out more on alcohol-related issues in Salford and the rest of Greater Manchester visit The Big Alcohol Conversation’s website.

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