University of Salford’s Energy House has been featured in the MadeAtUni 100 Best Breakthroughs List.

The list demonstrates the ways in which UK universities are at the forefront of breakthroughs in health, technology, culture, environment and community.

Energy House is the world’s first testing facility of its kind that aims to improve energy efficiency.

The fully-furnished Victorian style terraced house is built inside an environmental chamber which can replicate almost any weather conditions.

Professor William Swan leads the Applied Buildings and Energy Research Group (ABERG), who are the team behind Salford’s Energy House.

When asked how he felt about Energy House being included in this list he said: “We’re enormously pleased. It was 2010 that we came up with the idea and I think at the time nobody had ever done it before and we didn’t really know how successful we’d be.”

The MadeAtUni campaign, which launches today, aims to bring awareness to the positive impact that universities can have on students, the community and society as a whole.

Other projects the campaign has honored are the world’s first full body MRI scanner, the discovery of genetic fingerprinting, and research into autonomous vehicles.

The campaign has been publicly supported by famous faces such as Cold Feet actor James Nesbitt, ITV journalist and presenter Alastair Stewart and Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

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