loud bangs in Walkden

Salford citizens were shaken after two loud bangs believed to be commercial grade fireworks echoed around Walkden.

Emergency services were called in near Pall Ford Park at Park Road when the noises were heard around 8pm.

The fireworks were set off in the park’s metal wheelie bins, causing the deafening sounds also heard in Worseley, Little Hulton, and Boothstown.

Citizens took to social media to discuss the incident.

Michael Ryan tweeted: “Anyone else just hear two huge bangs in Walkden? Any ideas?”

The responses to the incident were confused and scared, with one user saying they’re “really scared”.

No injuries were reported at the scene.

Another user tweeted: “Live on park road and heard 2 bangs, stinks of smoke and seen the fire engines going. Does anyone know what it is yet?”

No firefighting took place and the incident was handed over to Greater Manchester Police.


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