As the world of social media celebrates National App Day, the people of Salford have spoken out on what apps they think is the best.

Salford Now reached out to the people on the streets and on social networking sites to find out what our city’s favourite app is.

Across the seas over in America December 11 is National App Day according to the National Day Calendar and all the social media sites.

According to statistics released in the third quarter of 2018 Android offers 2.1 million apps for users to download and Apple offers 2 million, and it is not just the leading smart phone brands that offer the option to gain access to these programs. Windows, BlackBerry and Amazon devices have also developed their own app stores.

The BBC’s website states:

“Apps can let your phone or tablet do almost anything that the programmers can imagine, within the technical limitations of the device”.

This means not only can people keep in contact with friends and family easily, even in different countries but they’re able to control their TV’s with their smart phones and follow out work tasks on them.

With many popular programs often used on PC’s being cut down and available to access them from smartphones and with app communities growing the use of them in our daily lives are becoming more and more common.

With technology getting more and more advanced and new apps coming out all the time popularity can quickly change.

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