Les Turner, who is the leader of Conservative Group at Salford City Council, has expressed his confidence in Theresa May by saying she’ll still be Prime Minister by the end of today.

Les said: “My immediate reaction is shock, I think it’s madness, it’s come at the wrong time.

“It is total disrespect from Tory MP’s, they should have complete loyalty to their leader. In my opinion, they’ve put everything in jeopardy.”

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement outside 10 Downing Street, London, after the 1922 Committee announced that enough Conservative MPs have requested a vote of confidence in Mrs May to trigger a leadership contest.

This reaction comes after a vote of no confidence was triggered this morning by Conservative MP’s, after 48 letters were received by the 1922 Committee – making the 15% needed to trigger a no-confidence vote.

A ballot will take place this evening (Wednesday 12 December) between 6pm and 8pm with votes will be counted immediately.

An announcement will be made shortly after with the results.

May will need to have at least 158 Conservative MP’s out of 315 to support her, in order for her to stay in office.

We did a poll, to see what people in Salford think about the role the Prime Minister, should concentrate on:


Many Conservative party members have said they will be supporting Theresa May, including Les Turner, who also said: “I hope the public will be disgusted with the Conservative MP’s  – they’ve put their own agenda before the public’s interest.”

“I think the Brexit deal, that is on the table from Theresa May, is the best that’s on offer – I don’t know of any other alternatives.

“They must search their own consciences and do what is best for the general public.”

You can watch our interview, here:

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