Salford Red Devils rugby club are promoting an app to help their fans keep fit over the winter – and win prizes. 

The FanFit app allows users to keep track of their personal fitness and stay up to date with news, fixtures and social media from Salford Red Devils. 

The Rugby League club are now challenging fans to how much exercise and steps they can do in December and January.  

The first-place winner will receive free season tickets to Salford Red Devils for the 2019 Super League season. 

The runner-up will win a free Garmin VivoFit wristband.

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The app was created by the University of Salford Business in partnership with Salford Red Devils to increase fitness awareness and empower fans and players with just a basic smartphone. 

Dr. Alex Fenton, a researcher and lecturer at the University said: “We started with the idea about reaching hard to reach groups in terms of fitness and tackling some of the health challenges we have here in the North West in terms of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

“We found that fitness fans who were starting to use it and enjoying it were asking about wristband integration, so we worked with Garmin as a partner and integrated Garmin wristbands.” 

The app also works with Apple watches and other Garmin products.

It includes a ‘fit league’ which allows fans to compete with each other to see who can take the most steps.  

The winners of the competition will be invited to the Club to collect their prize and have their photo taken at the AJ Bell Stadium. 

Dr. Fenton also said: “It’s really interesting to see that the app is making people think about walking and running. The people who would never normally mess around with a fitness app but because it’s aligned with the club that they love, they’re suddenly starting to think about this.” 

You can download Red Devils Fit now on Android and iPhone via the app store or visit for more information.

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