Just Love

Students across Salford and Manchester are appealing for more people to join a campaign aimed at promotion social justice and sustainability across campuses and cities.

Just Love is a non-profit organisation, which was founded by students at Oxford University, and operates as a university society.

Just Love Manchester launched in April 2017 and is one of 20 groups across the UK, frequently holding events to promote their cause.

Jeremy Worsfold, Vice President of Just Love Manchester encouraged more students to get involved in this society;

Philip Grant, a second year at the University of Salford explains how he got involved and encourages more students in Salford to take part.

He also commented on the work Just Love Manchester does with local charities such as Barnabus, the Boaz Trust and the Oasis Centre in Gorton.

“Weekly there are people who go and volunteer at those centres and there are also fundraising events that go towards all or one of those charities to help support the work that they do.”

Mr Grant also spoke on the changes he has made to his personal diet and outlook since becoming a member.

“One of those is to not eat meat when I am cooking because of the massive impact that it has on the planet, the amount of water, food and land that goes into the production of meat is completely unsustainable.

So I decided to become a vegetarian which is both a financial benefit and an environmental one.”

With increasing numbers of Britons turning to a plant-based diet, the Vegan Society have reported that 56 percent of Brits are adopting vegan-buying behaviors when shopping.

They also state 50 percent of those surveyed said they knew someone who was vegan.

Mr Worsfold also discussed another key aim of Just Love;

A survey conducted by Save the Student found that university students spend at least 34 pounds a month on clothing.

Jeremy encourages people to think before they buy,

“We don’t always need to just buy clothes, we don’t need to buy into this fast fashion thing”

Many people have spoken out about the impact of fast-fashion including a recent documentary by Stacey Dooley made for the BBC called Fashion’s Dirty Secrets.

Fairtrade is another company encouraging more people to understand where their clothing is coming from and to urge brands to be more ethical in clothing production.


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