The founder of Sovereign House, a charity helping disadvantaged children, has spoken about Salford’s community spirit and “great potential”.

In preparation for their Christmas party, Irene Lockett, the founder of the charity said that: “People project Salford as poverty but I see Salford as potential.”

Irene believes that if we all gave back to our community it would change the “mind-set and dynamic” of Salford and tap into community member’s great potential.

Teaching the children at Langworthy Cornerstone

Sovereign house was originally set up in Ghana three years ago, the charity began helping children in Salford in March after a survey showed some children in Salford do not have a computer at home, or have parents who are not educated in IT skills.

Irene said: “Sometimes at school when children don’t really understand something they don’t pay attention so then people think they are problematic.”

Sovereign House set up computer classes, at Langworthy Cornerstone, on Tuesday and Friday evenings with 13 children per class.

The classes aim to teach computer skills alongside helpful life lessons.

Irene explained: “We teach IT but we have discussions about value of life, self-esteem, bullying

“Speaking about bullying took six whole weeks because there was so many issues that came up.”

Irene hopes that Sovereign House will teach the children important life skills and lessons to enable them to reach their full potential.

She said: “We have seen children transformed from being so shy to believing they can do anything.”

Irene said that her passion for children was part of the reason she set up the charity, continuing: “I have seen children who were on the streets (in Ghana) but once they were able to get into school what they achieved and what they can do is mind-blowing, its priceless.

“If they could all have opportunities you never know they could be the next President or Prime Minister.”

Sovereign House is run completely by volunteers which Irene believes helps boost Salford’s community spirit.

She said: “Some of the volunteers are from outside of Salford or they are foreign students and now they have learned about the culture

“I myself have integrated as I moved from Salford from London so now I know more about Salford.”

Sovereign House is hosting their Salford Christmas Party on Friday, but they have also been fundraising to buy food and gifts for the children they help in their children’s home in Ghana.

The Christmas appeal for Sovereign House Ghana

For more information you can visit the website here.

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