Local business, Salford Roasters, have launched a new plastic-free reusable cup in order to minimise the effects of environmental damage.

Salford Roasters was formed in 2016 and aims to bring ‘proper coffee en masse’ to the people of Salford.

They have teamed up with the Berlin based company, Kaffee Form, who have spent years developing a plastic free reusable cup. The cup is also carbon neutral and environmentally friendly.

Nik Storey, owner of Salford Roasters, explained the purpose of bringing out the cup: “For me it’s all about educating the consumer”.

“You know; can we be plastic free. The coffee shops across the city typically go through thousands of plastic takeaway cups a year. So for me it was about liaising with my coffee customers and saying you should try this instead”.

Environmental damage due to plastic waste is becoming an ever growing problem in our society, with more 300 million tones of plastic being produced each year.

Explaining further, Nik added: “We can be seen to be throwing out all the plastics. So we’ve completely cut down on the number of cups that we order that are plastic and we have launched the 10oz reusable cup”.

The reusable cup is made from used coffee grounds, wood grains and resins, and is totally natural. It is also dishwasher safe.

With the cup only being launched a few weeks ago, feedback is already flowing in from coffee shops across Salford. Nik said: “Generally speaking from my consensus the feedback has been great and people are wanting the cups to sell in their stores”.

As well as having an environmental agenda in mind, Nik also hopes to do better when it comes to social values. He mentioned: “When I set up Salford Roasters I wanted to do it with a social mission in mind”.

Nik explained further: “What Salford Roasters tries to do is buy beans from the right place, from the right importer, from the country, that they’re being payed the right wage. We’re trying to use ethical and social approaches to our pouches, equipment and cups sell online”.

The plastic free cup is available and is now priced at £13.95.

The new Salford Roasters Christmas coffee blend is also available and all products can be found on their website.

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