Stand-up comedian John Cooper has combined lines of code with lines of comedy in his brand new show, “Confessions of a WordPress Fanatic.”

The brand new show is an hour telling of John’s relationship with the world’s most popular blogging platform and will be coming to Salford at the Kings Arms Pub on Friday 21st December at 8pm.

John has been performing stand-up comedy for 19 years.

He first experimented the show at the Manchester Fringe Festival earlier this year. He said that the show went down particularly well with the Manchester WordPress user group.

Newcastle-born John who is also a part time web-designer said, “I’ve always kept those fields very separate trying to be professional in both, but these days it’s really about diversity of skills. So I combined the two together.”

“I love the web and I like communicating with people, I found when I was talking to people about websites that my comedy skills were coming out more, even if it is only two people that read my blog.”

The Show

Back in the North-East, John originally started when he was convinced into attending a stand-up comedy workshop with his friend. He eventually plucked up the courage to try the open-mic session that followed.

“The first gig I died horribly, the second one wasn’t much better but as I was up there, I really enjoyed it and I could see how I could enjoy doing it.

“I was awful for at least two years, I can openly admit that because I’ve been going that long.” He added.

John’s show “Confessions of a WordPress fanatic” delves into his experiences and knowledge as a web-developer through an hour long stand-up performance to a niche audience of comedy loving web fanatics.

With the 2019 Edinburgh Festival looming, John hopes to appear at various WordPress groups across the UK’s digital community.

Tickets to John’s show can be found on Eventbrite here.

You can also keep up to date on John’s news on his website here.

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