The fundraisers ready to collect donations

Salford Pride hosted The Big Pink Fundraiser at the University of Salford’s Student’s Union on Friday to launch LGBT History month and raise money for their Pink Picnic.

Jack Lister, Salford Pride’s community inclusion manager said this month is important to recall where the community came from.

He added: “it’s about remembering […] the struggle we had: the struggle we still have today, especially for the trans community which has been under an intense pain.”

The Big Pink Fundraiser was the first event the charity hosted other than their annual Pink Picnic. However, they have confirmed that they will also be attending another event on the 27 February, organised by the Royal Northern College of Music to celebrate the community’s history month.

Jack said, in relation to the History month: “We have to remain vocal […] so people know that it is okay to be LGBT. There are support networks out there.”

This year the charity is hoping to host a multitude of events to increase visibility of the city’s LGBT community.

Jack told us: “The ultimate aim is to fundraise but we try to have fun while we do it.”

He added: “What’s really important about this event is it’s across the entirety of Salford.”

The money was raised by donation buckets, sales of the charity’s collaborative beer with Seven Brother’s Brewery and payments to enter the quiz which had a special LGBT history round.

Salford Pride have events throughout February to May, culminating in their Pink Picnic in June at Peel Park.

Jack told us: “Pride in general is such an important thing.

“I think it’s been really good for the city in terms of making it more inclusive and tolerant.”

The total raised from the event will be announced on Thursday, February 5.


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