Three Salford residents have had personal belongings including mobile phones stolen out of their hands in just three days last week.

Students in the area are one of the most at-risk groups for this type of theft, with Greater Manchester Police reporting that one in 10 students will be a victim of this type of crime. However, students are not the only ones at risk.

One victim, Lucy Clayton, said: “I had my iPhone XS Max stolen out of my hand by a slim, white male – around 20 years old who was on a red bike. He zoomed past me, snatched my phone and escaped underneath a tunnel near Salford University.

“This is a reminder to everyone that you’re not as safe as you think, so always keep an eye on your phone and expensive possessions.”

Another victim, Damian Pickett said: “A driver drove onto the pavement I was walking on, and the passenger in the car was able to sit on the edge of the passenger window and rip the phone out of my hand. This is a very serious issue and is happening more and more frequently.”




At the end of 2018, UK Crime Statistics reported that there had been over 400 personal thefts in the Salford area, where victims’ possessions were stolen while they were physically carrying them, such as phones, purses and bags.

However, not everyone is worried by these crime statistics, with many residents in the Salford area stating they feel safe when carrying their personal belongings.

Below is some advice on keeping yourself and your belongings safe while out and about in Salford.

  • Keep all belongings out of sight, including mobile phones when you are not using them.
  • Stick to well lit streets and try not to use shortcuts including alleyways and empty car parks.
  • Walk or travel in groups when you can, especially at night.
  • Register any valuable property, including phones, on free of charge. This will help police to return lost or stolen items to their rightful owners and also act as a deterrent to offenders.
  • Be wary in busy locations, such as shopping centres and public transport, as these are popular locations for personal belonging theft.
  • Keep bags secure and fastened where possible, and try to cross bags across the body.
  • Try not to put phones in back pockets as this is a common way for theft to occur.
  • If visiting a new area, check it on Google Maps before you go.

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