Salford City Council will increase council tax by 3% next financial year, the maximum amount allowed before a local referendum is triggered.

The ‘social care precept’, a ring-fenced fund for adult social care services, will also rise by 1%.

In real terms locals face a tax rise of up to £62 next year. The council blamed central government cuts for the increase in a bleak letter to residents this week, which highlights the issues the local authority are facing.

The letter, signed by the City Mayor and Cllr Bill Hinds, says: “It has once again been an exceptionally challenging year in setting a balance budget for 2019/20.

“A further £13.06 million is to be taken from our budget for this upcoming year. This takes the cumulative total of cuts to £211m since 2010. This is equivalent to £58,000 being cut from our budget each and every day.

“Over 53% of the city’s core funding from central government has been cut in the last nine years making it exceptionally difficult for councils up-and-down the country to function and operate.”

The council approved next year’s budget at a meeting in February, where it was announced that schools meals will increase by 10p and almost 50 jobs could be lost.

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