A new plan by Salford City Council details 2,500 new homes as part of a range of development scheduled to be completed by 2037.

A draft local plan, whereby local residents can have their say on the future of Salford, includes new apartments, houses, shops, health services, parks, a hotel and a conferencing suite.

The Revised Salford Draft Plan has been derived from the Revised Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which sets out an overall planning strategy for the whole of Manchester.

The Salford plan includes more detailed plans for Salford.

It includes plans to:

  • Identify the amount of new development that will come forward across the city, such as housing, offices, industry and retail and the main areas in which this will be focused.
  • Support the delivery of key infrastructure, such as transport and utilities
  • Protect the city’s important environmental assets
  • Allocate land for particular uses or protective designations
  • Set out the main policies that will be used to determine planning applications

The online document allows local residents to leave comments and have their say on how they believe Salford should be developed.

Salford mayor Paul Dennett told Manchester Evening News: “We are looking for the right kind of private sector partner, a partner which recognises the city’s ambition for inclusive growth and development which benefits the people of our city.

“We will want to know they recognise and understand the unique social value opportunities afforded by these developments, local jobs and training as well as the supply chain and explain how they can best be delivered through inventive processes and partnership working.

“The district aspires to be a beacon of planning and design, incorporating modern infrastructure and R&D. If it is done right, we have an opportunity to drive the kind of development here that could be a model across the world.”

The Revised Draft Salford Local Plan will look over different aspects of the city that could be improved; where new homes should be built, creating more local jobs and protecting the city’s important environmental assets.

Once all the comments from residents have been received, along with any new evidence, will be taken into account and will then be the version of the plan that the city council would like to adopt. However, it will be subject to a further period of representations and then a public examination.

The closing date for local residents to get involved and have their say is March 22.

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