A restructuring of the Police’s response officers will see officers from Swinton, Eccles and Pendleton all begin their shift from the same office.

The new plan will see all response officers begin their shifts from the Police station in Pendleton before going out into the community of Salford.

Superintendent Marcus Noden of GMP’s Salford division said: “The change to a single location is a new concept for Salford that will introduce extended neighbourhood police presence across the borough – something that we’ve not had for a number of years.

“We are adapting a different approach, in order to try and better serve the Salford community as a whole, with the current resources we have available.

“Dedicated neighbourhood Inspectors have been reintroduced to Salford, which is crucial for more productive partnership working and community problem solving; and neighbourhood teams will be located at Swinton, Little Hulton, Eccles and Pendleton, as well as a shared service site in Irlam.

“Additionally, with advancements in IT, officers are able to work remotely and carry out much of their duty using the mobile assets provided to them meaning that officers are not required to spend time in front of a desktop computer in a Police Station.

“While a great deal of analysis has been undertaken with consultation with staff and partners prior to final decisions being made we will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks but with a larger team based out of one site; we are confident our spread of first responders across Salford will be more coordinated and effective.”

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