White collar boxing lessons are being taught in Walkden by former European super featherweight champion Stephen Foster Jr. 

Salford’s very own ‘Fight Club’ teaches not only the skills needed to partake in a white collar boxing match, but allows its students to partake in a charity boxing event completely free every Tuesday and Thursday.

The event will allow those involved to raise money for a local charity of their own choice whilst training up from beginner level boxing.

As the event and training is all under ‘white collar’ this essentially means that all fighters will have very little to no boxing experience prior to the course and are less likely to come from boxers’ traditional working class backgrounds.

A minimum of 10 tickets for the charity event must be sold by each student to assure a large turn out for the final matches, with social media campaigns for all fighters being helped and supported by the course trainers outside of lesson time.

The crowds for the event will also benefit the fighters’ confidence and teach them how to behave within a large scale sporting event.

The course will be taking place at the Gorilla Warfare Functional Training & Martial Arts centre, Linnyshaw Mill, Manchester Road, which is allowing members of the public a week of free classes until Monday April 1.

Other courses taking place at the gym range from CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai.

To ensure that all matches will be safe and fair for every participant, weight, ages and fitness levels will all be taken into consideration when selecting opponents for each other.

The course is designed not only to help its students to maintain a peak of physical fitness, but helps them prepare themselves mentally in order to perform efficiently within a Boxing ring and professional sporting environment.

White collar boxing has been known to help its participants with anger issues, as explained by this ex-participant below:


“Do something life-changing today!”

The programme will last a total of eight weeks, beginning next Tuesday (2nd April) at 7pm.

Head guards and gloves will be provided at the class. Medical staff will always be attending to establish safety for all participants.

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