Scott, lives in Wigan, works in Media City (Credit: David King)

Salford Council has started work on 72 new affordable houses, with 900 planned by 2021.

The new development will be on Duchy Road and will be comprised of two, three and four bedroom family homes, provided for affordable rent, shared ownership and market sale.

In recent months, Salford Council has seen protests condemning plans for more luxury developments, which many claim are inaccessible to the majority of people.

Commenting about one such development, a resident said that it was “more homes that Salford born and bred can’t afford”, with another adding: “The council should be building council houses.”

Development plan (aerial view)

Scott, a former Salford resident who works at the Quays,  said: “There’s a bit of gentrification going on. Around this sort of area, it’s probably not affordable.

“I think every council should be investing more in affordable housing, it’s not just Salford.

“Across Greater Manchester, I think they need to be investing in more affordable housing.”

Linda, Salford Resident (Credit: David King)

Linda is a Salford resident, who supports more Council built properties, as long as it doesn’t impinge on greenbelt land. She said: “I don’t think the average person can afford the penthouse flats and apartments.”

This first set of 72 homes will be built by Seddon in association with the Greater Places Housing Group and Derive, which is owned by the council. It is due for completion in 2020.

Helen Spencer, director of development at Great Places, said: “Affordable housing continues to be a key priority for all of the areas.

“We recognise the key role we have to play as a developer and we’re always on the look out for land to build additional affordable homes like those at Duchy Road.”

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