Evie Adams, the new incoming Salford SU president, has claimed that Salford University’s accommodation isn’t recycling, contrary to their policy .

The student accommodation, Campus Living, stopped recycling for several months but recently circulated an e-mail to students in Peel Park that they had endorsed recycling again.

Following the student sports Varsity event, which saw an alarming amount of waste and bottles left on the Peel Park lawns, Evie encourages people to recycle more and take their waste with them.

“They just put everything in the same bin”

“I would hope everyone would clean up after themselves. If you take the Varsity event as an exception, there was a lot of waste left behind. All of the litter left on campus that’s cleaned up by Salford Uni cleaning staff, goes to recycling. This is because Salford University has a policy with Viridor, a zero landfill waste company. So, they send nothing to landfill. This means everything gets recycled one way or the other.”

“However, CLV (Campus Living Villages), doesn’t have that. They just put everything in the same bin and it goes through BIFFA.”

Evie explained this morning that she “had ago at a bin man” because “the lovely people were taking away all of the waste but put it straight in the normal bin!”

“This is a shame because if students are recycling in halls, then that’s fantastic. That’s awesome. But if the CLV, Campus Living, can’t provide a sustainable and renewable recyclable firm, then that’s on them. Unfortunately, the Students Union has no power over CLV, and neither does Salford University.”

“I can influence them as much as possible and that is something I’m going to be working on.”

“I’ve managed to get Salford University to convince them, with a lot of help from staff, to change to zero landfill. But CLV is another whole year worth of me lobbying.”

Evie describes the situation as “frustrating” but is hoping CLV will soon follow similar protocols.

However, contrary to these statements, Campus Living Villages, Salford, claimed that they are in fact recycling when pressed on the issue.

Operations Manager, Clare McNicholas, had this to say: “My view on this is, as stated, that we advise there are dry mixed recycling bins in the courtyard. The bins are signposted and are still there.”

Clare’s response to Evie’s previous comments were diplomatically cast aside. “I can’t comment on anything Ms Adams may have said as I don’t know where she got her information.”

“However, as stated previously, Salford Student Village is dedicated to sustainability whenever and wherever we can.”

The good news for students wishing to recycle is that Clare confirmed that the usual items are apparently being recycled by Campus Living. This includes cardboard boxes, paper waste, empty metal food cans and plastic bottles or plastic meal tubs. This comes as a boost, although the views of the new President certainly contradict this standpoint.

One thing Clare did say is that the recycling effort is something that needs to be done by all, not some.

“Often this can be a slow process, especially when it involves external suppliers.”

“However, the dry mixed recycling bins are a welcome addition and a step in the right direction as far as recycling goes.”

“I am disappointed that they have not been met with the same enthusiasm in which they were met by the team here.”

Having led her campaign for president on the basis that she would improve environmental issues, it will be interesting to see if Evie is able to improve the current environmental challenges at Salford University.

Having spent this year in the Salford SU’s second highest position, Science and Technology Sabbatical Officer, Evie will move over to her new presidential position in June.

She explained to Salford Now why she wanted to become President and her wish to close the gap between course representatives and the Students Union. So that the two can work in tandem to further improve the student satisfaction and experience.

“I want to make sure that students feel supported, they know where the Students Union is and that we’re here to help.”

“At a university level, it will probably be pretty much the same that we will be representing students as a whole and making sure that all student voices are heard at every level.”

As for the environmental concerns at Peel Park, it will be interesting to keep an eye on whether Salford Students Union and Campus Living’s recycling stances continue to challenge each other or whether they will work together on the issue.

*Photo credit Evie Adams*

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